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Why you should read By the Sea. An interview with Traci Hall.

Blossoms by the Sea – Book #11

Leif Hendricks–property investor—is looking at the small seaside town with an eye to buy and flip some of the businesses. Through his business partner and friend, he’s heard that the flower shop might be up for grabs. What starts as a quest for profit soon changes as Leif realizes all the money in the world can’t buy love.

Evelyn Banner—florist—is unapologetically not a risk taker, preferring the path of least resistance. At 32, she’s got one marriage and one divorce under her belt. A hyper eight-year-old. An ex that has popped up like ragweed. A cranky cat that sneaks outside and brings her dead things in the morning. Her single mother and main emotional support is sick. Evelyn can’t take on One More Thing.

In the height of wedding mania, Leif enters the flower shop like a demi-god, complete with dark gold hair, broad shoulders and aqua blue eyes. Too handsome to be trusted, too rich to be real—yet something in his intense gaze dares her to believe there is more to his smooth smile.

Stakes are upped as Leif makes an offer for the property. Evelyn asks if he will keep the flower shop, and he says no, he plans to tear it down. She questions him about the other businesses on the block, but he has learned to ignore the little guy or he’d never make a profit. He offers her a position managing his adventure business, and she tells him where to stick his job offer. Suddenly, Evelyn must decide whether or not to buy the established flower shop from her retiring boss or be unemployed. Leif has to choose between the “right” thing, and his peek at happiness. Will their paths join, or lead them separate ways?

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