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Wiccan Dream
Book #5 in the Rhiannon Godfrey Series

Rhiannon Selene Godfrey, part scientist, part paranormal prodigy, opens a box from a mysterious stranger to find three marble statues dating back to ancient Greece. J.W. of J.W.’s Magic Emporium sends a warning along with the Oneiroi, and writes Rhiannon that he chose her because of her skills at dream divination. They aren’t so great, leaving Rhee no choice but to cram in order to stop the dream demon’s pranks unleashed in Celestial Beginnings. Her mom’s New Age shop has become a haven for the angry spirits, who want Rhee’s help. She thinks. She calls upon her namesake, the moon goddess of Greek mythology, Selene, for guidance as she and her friends attempt to capture the demons, and resolve an ancient curse.