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Wiccan Cool
Book #3 in the Rhiannon Godfrey Series
Published by: samhainpublishing
ISBN# 978-1-60504-611-2
Published Date: 04-06-2010

“Normal” is highly overrated. And as easy to lose as your balance…
A Rhiannon Godfrey story.
At long last, Rhiannon is starting to fit into the ninth grade. She and Jared are starting to flirt again, and school is fine except for the mandatory student community service hours. She’s even learned to bank her psychic powers.
For the most part.
Then there’s Dane, the intriguing, infuriating guy who’s her community service student supervisor. He’s got “angry teen” down to a science. Without even trying, he slips past her emotional shields, challenging her to be the one thing she’s most afraid of—herself.
For Rhee, that’s as scary as the ghost haunting the silo behind Doyle’s ice cream parlor. A ghost that’s somehow connected to the shadows in Dane’s eyes. All she really wants is, for once in her life, to be normal. But for a girl like her, “normal” isn’t just an impossible dream, it can be downright dangerous.
As dangerous as embracing her gifts —and opening her heart.