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Love’s Magic
Book #1 in the Boadicea Series
Published by:
ISBN# 9781605420783
Published Date: April 23, 2010

It is 1192. Celestia Montehue is the odd-eyed misfit in a family of flame-haired goddesses descended from notorious Queen Boadicea. While her sisters are tall and beautiful, she, the eldest, is blond and petite, with one green and one blue eye. The only thing she has in common with the family legend is her magical healing ability. Constantly fighting for her place among her siblings, she refuses to settle for less than her due. Coming to accept no one will ever be able to love her for who she is, she vows never to marry.
Nicholas Le Blanc is a haunted man. Though trained as a knight under the Baron Peregrine’s name, his childhood in a monastery has convinced him he is a bastard. Then, on crusade, his caravan is ambushed; all men are lost and the sacred relic they carried is stolen. Nicholas is captured and suffers a year of torture, ultimately escaping

. . . but only after being forced to kill a woman to win his freedom. Guilt poisons him as surely as the hidden wounds in his soul.

An arranged marriage does not bode happiness for the two tortured souls. Nor does Celestia’s new home, a broken down keep—haunted by the ghost of Nicholas’ mother, a suicide—and a stagnant green moat. Then a maid is murdered and a curse revealed. Worse, Celestia has fallen in love with her tormented husband. Will they both be doomed? Or is there healing, indeed, in Love’s Magic?


“Hall’s take on medieval life is rich in history and deep in mystery. The flashbacks of her hero’s imprisonment are dark but add much to his development, while the heroine is a gutsy young woman with spunk.”
~ Karen Sweeny-Justice, Romantic Times Book Reviews

“A very interesting story… entertaining and the characters were fleshed out wonderfully.”
~ Rista Tompkins, The Romance Readers Connection

Love’s Magic is a well-written, enjoyable story for anyone who likes their romance tinged with fantasy and the hint of the impossible. A stubborn man and a proud woman make this a delightful romantic tale to while away the hours with.”
~ Novelspot

“This engaging medieval paranormal amateur sleuth romance is an enjoyable tale as two broken winged lead characters find healing through Love’s Magic.”
~ Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review

Love’s Magic is a well-written story filled with interesting characters, intrigue, and romance. Set during a treacherous time in England’s history, the author will keep you guessing about the mystery while enchanting you as Galiana finds her own magic.”
~ Rho, A (October 2009)

Love’s Magic creates such intriguing characters and adventures that this reader was most thankful for a page count determined by the story rather than the other way around.”
~ Merrimon, Book Iluminations