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Always a Bridesmaid

Published by: Amazon’s StoryFront
Cynical single gal Larissa has been to too many weddings. Nonetheless, when her friend Malena asks her to be a bridesmaid, she’s a good sport, despite the floor-length aqua satin nightmare she’s made to wear. Larissa has given up on the idea of ever walking down the aisle herself. These days, her idea of a perfect Saturday night is more likely to involve wine and on-demand movies than high heels and a push-up bra. Enter Mark, the bride’s sexy single brother who sees something special in Larissa. Mark, the one man who has Larissa considering breaking her “no wedding hookups” rule. But will they share a night of fun or something more? With plenty of champagne and the blissful romance of a wedding, true love might just blossom.