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Boadicea’s Legacy
Book #3 in the Boadicea Series
Published by:
ISBN# 9781605420783
Published Date: April 23, 2010

Ela Montahue is a talented sorceress with the ability to heal, but distressed over a complicated ancestral legacy. Long ago, a mystical woman known as Boadicea, the famed queen of the Iceni tribe, issued a difficult decree.
As her descendant, Ela must wed for love, not practicality, or she will forfeit her supernatural power. In medieval England this is not a socially acceptable order to follow. For her family’s sake, she should marry Lord Thomas de Havel, a vile landholder with a cruel streak and a desire to see slavery reinstated—a man with good connections to King John’s court. This arrangement would put the Montehues in a safe position in the new regime. The stakes are high—her dignity, her pride, and possibly her life in childbirth.
When Ela refuses this repulsive marital transaction, Thomas de Havel abducts her and wages battle against her father in retaliation. Only Osbert Edyvean, a knight with the highest creed—honor, faith, and logic—can save her and preserve her gift. A businessman for the Earl of Norfolk, Osbert has been paid to find Boadicea’s spear. Rather than bring back this obscure artifact, he rescues Ela, intending to take her to the earl and obtain his parcel of land.
Wary of the supernatural aura surrounding this woman, the admirable knight fights his overwhelming passion for a beautiful lady he wants to protect . . . and love. This is Boadicea’s true legacy.


Boadicea’s Legacy is an enchanting tale not to be missed. . . . The author has successfully intertwined a medieval romance with supernatural tones and a trip into Boadicea’s ancient fight for freedom from the Roman invaders. I have fallen in love with Traci E. Hall’s writing.”
~ The Night Owl Reviews (May 2010)

“Hall really delves into the idea of things not being exactly what they seem and not basing your opinions on assumptions.”
~ Deb Lester, Debbie’s Book Bag (June 30, 2010)

“The author continues the thrilling pace of intrigue, romance, and magic that she began with Love’s Magic and Beauty’s Curse.”
~ A Romance Review ( June 2010)