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Beauty’s Curse
Book #2 in the Boadicea Series
Published by:
ISBN# 9781933836560
Published Date: 2009

Galiana Montehue is beautiful, hallowed, and adored. Envied by her rivals and coveted by her suitors, this privileged lady of the manor enjoys the attention and esteem bestowed only on young women blessed with physical perfection. What more could a late-twelfth-century Welsh heroine need to shine at court?
Lord Rourke Wallis suffers a head injury at Galiana’s hands, rendering him blind and dependent. He never sees the beauty she curses with vehemence. Defending her twin brothers from Rourke’s drawn sword, she must live with the horrible debilitating consequences of her attack as she nurses the honorable knight. For the first time, she experiences a man’s sincere affection and genuine integrity.
In his dark and depressing internal prison, Rourke discovers a depth of passion impossible to find in the superficial realm of medieval fashion and visual charms. The gentle touch of her warm, delicate hands and the arousing lavender scent of her vibrant body awaken in Rourke a fervor he cannot deny. Galiana entices him like no other, drawing him into a tactile, sensual haven.
Yet the fulfillment of his desire must wait until the completion of his mission. Stolen from King William’s treasures, the magical Breath of Merlin must be recovered. This mysterious stone from antiquity contains supernatural power that royalty will fight to possess. Together they must unlock the secret to this dangerous, mystical gem, or face a future without the love they so recently discovered.


Beauty’s Curse is a delightful story that charms and entertains while teaching a moral about all that is truly important in life!”
~ Heather Graham, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Chock-full of royal intrigue and wry humor, hall weaves a deft, not-to-be-missed interpretation of Arthurian-era Britain.”
~ Nina C. Davis, BookList (September 2009)

“4 Cups. Traci E. Hall enables the reader to step into another time. I was ensnared by the wonderful historical details that the author worked so hard to provide. Beauty’s Curse is a detailed and thrilling novel that is worth the read.”
~ Delane, (November 2009)

“With hints of Camelot, this is a terrific medieval romance . . . Traci E. Hall provides an exhilarating late twelfth century tale . . .”
~ Harriet Klausner, (October 2009)

“5 Blue Ribbons . . . a very sweet romance. I’m looking forward to more in this series.”
~ CinLee, (December 2009)

“If you are a romance fan, you will like this book. It is full of drama, mystery, and passion.”
~ Tricia C., (February 2010)

“. . .everything a reader could ask for in a medieval romance. . . Traci E. Hall is a must read author!”
~ Merrimon, Book Illuminations

“This book reads fast, which was both a good and bad thing. Good because it meant I really enjoyed it, and bad because I didn’t want it to end. Beauty’s Curse is a curse . . . because I wanted more! Traci E. Hall has a winner on her hands with this book. Don’t take my word for it; pick up a copy today.”
~ Cheryl, (May 2010)